Hoke Direct Primary Care is not a contracted/network provider for Medicare, Medicaid, Worker's Comp., or any insurance plan.  Therefore, we will neither bill nor accept any payment from Medicare, Medicaid, BWC, or insurance plan.  This allows us to stay focused on the needs of our patients, and not be influenced by the expectations of a third party payor.

In keeping with the Medicine … simplified motto of our practice, we offer a simple, age-tiered membership model.  And remember, as a member, there is NO CHARGE for any type of visit, whether in person, by phone, or by telemedicine!

A Membership Enrollment Fee (which is the same price as your Monthly Membership Fee) and your first Monthly Membership Fee will be charged at your first appointment. The continuing Monthly Membership Fee will then be charged on a monthly recurring basis, starting two months after your initial visit. There is no contract – you can stop your membership at any time.  

*Children are only $32 per month, if their parent/guardian is enrolled as an adult member.  Otherwise, children will be charged the standard adult rate of $65 per month. While pursuing their higher education, college students up to age 24 can continue their membership at just $32 per month as long as their parent/guardian continues to be a member. Simply submit proof of enrollment to continue this lower rate.

$60- Exclusive


LARGE FAMILY DISCOUNT! With a parent’s enrollment, you will pay for the membership for your first two children, and each additional child is free! So whether you have 2 kids, or 10 kids, you will only pay $64 per month for this all-inclusive membership for all of your children. 

WE LOVE FOSTER KIDS! We embrace the calling to foster, and will enroll foster children in your care according to the pricing structure noted above

"I chose Dr. Hoke due to his Direct Primary Care model ... I am impressed by Dr. Hoke's willingness to slow down, listen, ask relevant questions.  Messages in the portal are answered promptly.  He has exceeded my expectations.  The entire staff is awesome and friendly and I feel comfortable with each of them."

 - D.S., member of Hoke DPC


Note: One time Consultation Visits are no longer available.


Ready to become a member, and enjoy the benefits of Medicine … simplified?  Although our practice is full, and currently not accepting new patients, we will have openings when existing members move away or discontinue their membership.  Additionally, we are in the process of recruiting a doctor to join our practice, who will be able to accept new patients.  Click on the button below to be added to our waiting list.  You will be contacted when an opening for a new patient is available.

There is no time commitment to your membership.  You can stop at any time – just call the office and we will cancel your membership.  However, any patient that withdrawals their membership and wants to re-enroll will be required to pay a re-enrollment fee (speak to our staff for details).