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Medicare enrollees should continue their Medicare Part A and Part B coverage, as these will provide coverage for the majority of your medical expenses, less a deductible/co-pay. Keep in mind that the supplemental plans are designed to cover the patients share of "Medicare-approved" expenses. Some patients will discover that they are paying a high amount each month to cover a small medical expense. Talk with your financial or insurance consultant to find out if dropping the supplemental plan is a reasonable option, and use that money instead to secure unlimited primary care access at Hoke Direct Primary Care.


Begin by assessing what the true purpose of health insurance should be. Do I expect my Health Insurance to be all-inclusive, covering every health care expense I encounter? If so, you can find that plan -- but it will carry a very high premium. Or would it be better to view our Health Insurance in the same manner that we view our Auto Insurance? Drivers don't expect their Auto Insurance to cover routine maintenance and lower cost items (such as fuel, oil changes, new tires and brakes), so why do we expect Health Insurance to cover Primary Care services (which are a relatively low cost in the world of medical expenses)? When you analyze your Health Insurance, consider switching from a traditional plan to a high deductible plan. The money you save by switching may be enough to offset the amount of the Hoke Direct Primary Care monthly membership. Plus, you have the peace of mind knowing that all of your primary care visits are free of any additional charge, and you will have the ability to get your labs and many medications at a discounted rate in our office. By keeping the high deductible plan, you will still have catastrophic coverage for life's unexpected events (car accidents, hospitalizations, surgery, etc.) Also, you can consider the health sharing ministries, such as Medi-Share, Samaritan Ministries, Sedera Health, or Liberty Healthshare, to name just a few. These programs are not insurance, but function in a similar fashion in that members have a monthly premium contribution that is used to cover the cost of other members' health expenses. The programs each have different coverage features, so consult their website or customer service representative to go over the details, to determine what would work best in your situation

­Cash Pay

I would strongly encourage those who do not have any insurance coverage to get a high deductible insurance plan or join a healthsharing ministry program, so that you have coverage for catastrophic events (see the information above under the "Insurance" tab). Adding on a membership to Hoke Direct Primary Care will then provide all your primary care coverage, including access to discounted labs and medications.


Direct Primary Care is the perfect option for small business owners who want to provide some type of medical benefit to their employees, without the burden of the expensive premiums of a traditional insurance plan. Employers can choose to pay a portion, or the full amount, of the employee's monthly membership fee. Please contact us via email at, or by phone at 513-839-2108, if you are interested in offering this benefit to your employees.

Miami Universtity Employees

As insurance premiums continue to rise, more employees are switching from a traditional insurance plan to a high deductible plan. Miami University employees have the unique opportunity to switch to a high deductible plan, but still have asthma inhalers and diabetes medications covered at 100%, even before the insurance deductible is met. The cost savings of the high deductible plan premium over the traditional plan premium can then be applied to your membership at Hoke Direct Primary Care, to ensure comprehensive primary care. UMR 2018 Prescription Coverage

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"Amazing Doctor ...  I saw him today and instead of throwing another anti-anxiety med at me and saying see ya in a month, [h]e explained thoroughly the link in the process that was missing and explained his approach and why he chose this approach.  He gained my confidence and my trust.  I will never see any other doctor."

 - D.H., member of Hoke DPC